N. Scott Momaday and the Sense of the sacred

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N. Scott Momaday and the Sense of the sacred - A Native Poet and artist, a univeral voice

By Joëlle Rostkowski

Preface by Philippe Ratte,

Introduction by W. Richard West Jr

This book brings a deeply informed international perspective on the work and life of N. Scott Momaday, UNESCO Artist for Peace, poet, novelist, storyteller, playwright and painter.

In 1969, first American Indian to win the Pulitzer Prize for House Made of Dawn, Momaday paved the way for the recognition of several generations of gifted Native American writers.

Momaday’s voice has contributed to a better understanding and greater visibility of Native American cultures, communities, and traditions beyond regional and national borders.

In his capacity of Artist for Peace at UNESCO he became an emblematic figure of the cultural renaissance of Native Americans and of Indigenous rights on the international scene.

This book puts in evidence Momaday’s role as an emissary of Native values and his contribution to intercultural dialogue. Richly illustrated, it presents some of his most significant drawings, paintings and etchings. The combination of poetry and visuals brings to light the complementarity of both modes of expression in Momaday’s work.

A brilliant and moving volume insightful and beautifully written…

W. Richard West Jr, President and Chief Executive Officer

 Autry Museum of the American West


N.Scott Momaday, born on February 27 in 1934 in Lawton, Oklahoma, is a Kiowa/Cherokee novelist, short story writer, essayist, poet and painter. He has opened the American Indian world to non-Indian readers. Besides being named a UNESCO Artist for Peace and Oklahoma’s poet laureate, he received the 2007 National Medal of Arts for introducing millions worldwide to the essence of Native American culture.


Joëlle Rostkowski, ethnohistorian, is the author of several books and many articles on American and Native American History, including: The Incomplete Conversion: North American Indians and Christianity, Native American Renaissance: A Century of Reconquests, winner of the 2002 French Academy History Prize and Conversations with Remarkable Native Americans (SUNY Press, 2012/2013). 

ISBN : 978-2-84668-621-1 - Format 26 x 21 cm - 182 pages - 30 €

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